Friday, August 19, 2016

The Redness Is Gone! (facial)

Good morniiing, everyone!

This morning I woke up with happiness. Hahaha. ^^ Right after I get up, I wash my face and realize there's no bump in my face as usual. Wait, wait, I couldn't believe it, I should see it myself! (go to the mirror)

No zits in my face.
Not even a bit.
All dry and gone.

Huaaaa, alhamdulillaaaah! I feel so relieved because a week ago I did my facial in Larissa Aesthetic Centre in Jogjakarta and it made my face gone red and there are a few new zits near the area that've been extracted by the beautician. I regretted it. I regret that I did my facial there after months not doing it. I regret that I let the beautician to extract (to pop) my pimples when I know theres's a rule about not-picking-up-your pimples. :')

I immediately search about facial after I went home. Do facial really hurts? Is it normal to form new zits after you've done your facial? Is facial safe for our face? DO WE REALLY NEED FACIAL? There are tons of different answers from experts to beauty blogger out there in the internet. There are pros and cons. Most of it recommend us to do facial at aesthetic centre or dermatologist, not at the salon. And, many of 'em said, "Yes, facial give you redness because your skin got trauma but it shouldn't be too long to go back to normal."

Two or three days after I did facial, my face don't get better and I got frustrated. The redness is still there, new zits start to form, my skin hurts and a lil bit dry, and I'm not comfortable with my conditions. Well, it's true that my face got smoother than before because all of my zits were popped. But I can't stand the other effects I'm getting from doing facial. I even swear I won't do facial anymore. It doesn't worth the money. :(

Ahahhaha, but maybe I'm not being patient enough. Maybe I didn't do the right care after doing facial. Maybe my sleep cycle made my face gone worse. Zzzzzzzz, sorry for blaming you, facial. Well, now I'm happy that the redness and the zits are gone. Gosh, all thanks to tea tree oil, honey mask, Nuface mask, and all Himalaya products I'm using. Hahaha, I'm not really sure which one that made my face better. ( ._.)

I guess I have to put facial to my beauty routine every two months. Why not once a month? Duh, I don't have enough money for it and besides, facial is really really really hurts. I'm not ready to do facial that soon. My face needs to heal itself first. -,-v

Do you do facial?

Nadia Almira Sagitta

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