Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Far Away

Far away, far away under the stars
When I close my eyes, I see your smile
If now's my last chance to make it right
Stand tall stay with me
So we can see the light
If I told what I could not say
If I showed all and let you in
If I opened up my heart and spoke my love for you
Would you walk with me till the end
When we'll end up being more than friends
We'll go hand in hand till you understand here I am

Entahlah, aku merasa lagu ini pas menggambarkan keadaan saat ini.
If I told you, how would you respond?
Should I say it?
Or not?
You're a girl!
But hey, woman has the same right as man
Won't you feel embarassed?
Why should I?
But maybe you're right,
I can not tell him, at least not for now
I'm not ready to hear his answer
What if he said no?
What if he said yes?


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